We create special moments

The wedding agency «Special moments» is a team of true professionals who are genuinely in love with their work!

We believe that each love story is unique and we gladly help our couples to reflect the uniqueness of their characters and preferences in every detail of the wedding day. Our team will take care of the organization of all aspects related to the wedding. Since our first meeting, we will accompany you throughout the preparation process and even after the wedding party ends. One of our main priorities is responsibility for each contractor, so you can be sure that every detail will be taken into account and implemented.

It is important for us to dive into everything that you are interested in, to understand you as deeply as possible and find out what awakens your sense of happiness filling the day of your wedding with kind and bright emotions. For us, there are no minor details; we are looking for inspiration in our newlywed’s lifestyles. That is what allows us to create unforgettable and special moments of one of the most important days in life!

We create a unified and unique history, rejecting any kind of patterns.

Our team

Our team

Your wedding will be a reflection of a unique love story. It will be implemented by the professional team and affect the heart of everyone who shares the joy of this day with you.


A couple should not think about organizational issues on one of the most important days in their life. Thanks to us your celebration will be fabulous and unforgettable

Dive into

From the first meeting we penetrate your life, try to understand your emotions and desires. After all, the organization of weddings is not our job, but a favorite thing

Years of experience

Dozens of pairs trusted us and were not disappointed. We know all the pitfalls of organizing weddings, we correctly plan your budget and find all the necessary specialists.

and support

When your wedding is in the hands of a professional organizer, then there can not be any problems. We control and coordinate all processes in the wedding day


If the newlyweds want to organize a wedding anywhere in the world - not a problem. We will support this decision, because this is a completely different atmosphere and a truly unique celebration.


Our team is creative, in a good way insane, with many years of experience, great love for their work and burning eyes.


Keep you updated on all the changes 24/7, but do not disturb over trifles - the golden rule. Otherwise, why then is our agency?


We will adjust to any of your desires and ideas, even the most unconventional ones. We are interested to work with different couples and fall in love with their history.